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We put you at the center of an expanding community of people eager to learn new things.


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We believe great trainers make great classes. All the good feedback from students will stay with you over time, building up your reputation.


Have a direct chat line to your students. Keep in touch and promote your new classes.

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Our system is designed to keep users engaged, by sending reminders and keeping their motivation up so they don´t drop out.

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Apply to our platform, create a profile and start arranging your classes.
We will then match you with local students that are interested in learning how to dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Skillout is the first online platform for the best instructors and teachers of recreational activities. Our aim is to help people learn exciting, new skills by connecting them with a network of instructors and teachers specialising in numerous recreational activities. Through our platform users can discover the best local instructors in their favourite activities and start learning while having the time of their lives.
Instructors and teachers can set their own classes at their desired location. We are currently limiting access to London, but we will be expanding soon.
We are currently processing our payments through paypal.
Earnings can be cashed out anytime.
Instructors set their own hourly rates individually. You can set a different rate for one-to-one sessions or smaller group. You have the flexibility to set your rates and discount prices if users want to buy classes in bulk.
We are getting a 5% commision from each class booked from our platform. We reserve the right to change this at any given time. Instructors will be notified for any changes made in the payment terms. (Current rate applies for early signups, will increase to 20% after a few months)
Absolutely. Even if your dancing style is something you came up with, feel free to apply.
Teaching experience is strongly recommended and in most cases is required. Rare exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
A formal certificate will strengthen your profile, but is not necessarily required.
We will review your application as soon as possible. We will get back to you within a week, on whether your application is successful or not.